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Interested to find out more about online directory of American schools search-engine optimized in Northeast Asian languages? Over 400,000 visits/year and over one million pages viewed. Schools can place display banner ads starting at $400 for 90 days or get listing in Japanese, Chinese & Korean for $720/year (or $399 in one language). Schools’ landing pages are translated (up to 350 words, not by robot) hosted with photos/video. They can also be used as destination pages for sponsored-link campaigns on search engines like Baidu Google Hong Kong, Yahoo Japan, Google Japan, Daum, etc. Published by Japan Advertising since 2006. To review its metrics and its official worldwide sales agent, go to or use the contact form.








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The debate is on as to whether there is a need for more than one profile on LinkedIn

IF you are member of LINKEDIN, go check this poll now running: “Would you open a second profile if authorized by LinkedIn and why? MEMBERS Vote if engaging two separate audiences to earn a living”


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Working for a compassionate leader?

Working for a compassionate leader? Serve him (her) well
Working for yourself? Serve Him (Her) well

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Debugging some outdated arguments in favor of LinkedIn single profile policy

Those with an account on LinkedIn are invited to vote on my poll running this Fall:

How many activities (Freelance/Business/Hobby/Etc) may help you earn a living? This poll should help determine whether there is a need or not among LinkedIn members for more than one legitimate profile (not offered under current policy).

Let me explain the premise of this preliminary poll:

  • Effectiveness and carefulness in what one writes on LinkedIn requires reviewing current best practices in networking and communicating, including privacy issues.
  • The poll raises the issue and encourages comments about having to rely on one single profile to get it right under current LinkedIn policy.
  • Many among the professionals rightly use LinkedIn strictly as a Business Networking tool to help earn a living through this prolonged economic crisis.
  • They may benefit the most if allowed to optimize their presence through TWO LEGITIMATE LINKEDIN PROFILES. Here are two reasons why:
  • 1)  An increasing number of LinkedIn members actively venture in two different fields of professional activity, industries, etc. An estimated 40% of members in some industries engage on two career paths to earn a living. For many of them, current best practices short-change them. Increasingly, some feel obliged to illegally post a profile in two industries.
  • 2) Two LinkedIn profiles may help generate leads better these days. That includes for improving search optimization with keywords. Being found across two different industries is quite a challenge under a single profile, no matter how wordy or multi-targeted one makes it. Freelancing, moonlighting, nurturing a new venture or online activities, a serious hobby, a home-based business or family project, etc. are more common nowadays whether in the old or the new economy. One just needs to look at the number of people who have secured some dual post-secondary education background (often unrelated). To simply illustrate my premise, how many LinkedIn members would find a practical need to carry two different business cards, if it was not for the fact that those are now less relevant with self-branding, eMarketing and social media interacting by the minute in our professional lives?

Comments made by LinkedIn experts and evangelists make me wonder how they advise their paid clients who may be at the stage of having to earn a living through two parallel careers (therefore targeting people through more than one, sometimes several different industries through LinkedIn).

One must ask if it is really as simple a case as having to harmonize their focus? If so, I would be interested to review cases where the LinkedIn experts have developed the SEO expertise for those among us trying to optimize for advanced search their individual LinkedIn profile and who need to engage with two totally separate sets of audiences. Responses coming personally to me (and treated as confidential), or through comments posted on LinkedIn, including the most candid on both sides of the argument, confirm my own experience in search optimization with LinkedIn. I will convey the latter to you in future blog posts. I explain why many who see a tangible need for a second LEGITIMATE profile (requiring a policy change from LinkedIn) may be already <ahead of the curve> in expressing serious doubts about the current single profile policy.

Those issues (currently not being addressed by the single profile policy) could represent hundreds of thousands of cases (if not millions) among LinkedIn members. One can extrapolate the feedback through personal messages I received so far and gradually from all the polls soon to run across different LinkedIn groups including many of the top LinkedIn groups (and subgroups).

What do you think of those travails that many professionals face because of what is fast becoming an outdated LinkedIn policy in regard to single profiles, given how people earn a living nowadays in the present North American economic context (not to mention the European situation)?

Michel Bonin

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Hire your own piano player for a special occasion with Michel Bonin

Showcasing a reflective and inspirational style, Mr. Bonin’s live piano solo concert features eight of the best loved tunes by the French composer Michel Legrand, in this 12-minute video clip. It has been uploaded for you to listen to on the music landing page of my website at:  You can view my concerts, sample and order my tunes and album and initiate a query to book my services for a special occasion. Or call me directly at (604) 874-8638.  I am based in Vancouver Canada.

You can also view my video clips like this one on YouTube

Hope you enjoy!                    


 (My blog Shortlink is http://wp.mboninblog/p2N8PD-4)


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